Message from the President

July 2022

We are an advisory firm that seeks solutions to the world’s problems today.

The world is in turmoil with no clear future due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, in addition to a set of linked problems involving “global capitalism, climate change, and infectious diseases.” Each is not happening independently, but all are interacting with each other, and worse, it is magnified by the spiral of “inequality”. It is therefore, only by controlling it everywhere can the problem be overcome.

We should deal with problems based on the recognition that “everything in the world does not exist in isolation but is kept alive through interactions”.

We believe that in order to solve the various problems we face, it is important to look at them from the three perspectives of “historical time frame,” “society as a whole,” and “the global environment as space,” within the context of a connected whole. This is based on the traditional Japanese merchant practice of “sampo yoshi”, meaning three way satisfaction of the purchaser, the buyer and the society.

In line with this new approach we will contribute to building a sustainable society as a compass for Japan.


Yasushi Kohara
Shin-Nihon Public Affairs Co.