Shin-Nihon Public Affairs Co. is one of the respected public affairs firms in Tokyo, backed by accumulated trust and expertise.


Our networks of professionals are uniquely qualified with extensive experience in diverse fields. Each member possesses a depth and breadth of knowledge to facilitate sustainable social & economic development.

SNPA provides clients with public policy advocacy services in such areas as aviation, energy, environment, financial services, huge healthcare industry including pharmaceutical & medical device, and international trade, etc.

SNPA’s Public Policy Advocacy Services include:

  1. Monitoring by Policy Wonks
  2. Regulatory Advisory Services
  3. Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy Services

These comprehensive services are customized to clients’ needs and special interests. You will be much more productive with SNPA’s extensive assistance provided by our experts, former regulators and legislative staffers who maintain contacts in Kasumigaseki and Nagatacho that would be difficult and extremely costly to find elsewhere.


More efficient than setting up in-house

Many global companies and/or trade associations have recognized the need to know about changes in Japan that could affect their business. Some have taken a step further by sending an executive to Japan to open public affairs office to facilitate relationship building and information gathering. However, having such kind of function is costly, and gaining insight into the process and important players can be difficult. SNPA provides a variety of services to foreign and domestic companies on a range of issues.

Our services provide you with an in-depth understanding of the legislative and regulatory processes, enabling you to analyze the information and interpret the implications.