Yasushi Kohara

Main career

Yasushi Kohara is a founder of SNPA. As a President of the firm, Mr. Kohara has directed various public policy planning and advisory services for government organization as well as private firms.

Prior to SNPA, Mr. Kohara was director of Public Policy Consulting and Government Relations in KPMG-Tokyo, and director of Washington Advisory Service at KPMG Peat Marwick, Washington, D.C.

Before joining in KPMG, Mr. Kohara worked in Dorsey & Whitney, International Trade Law Firm, Washington D.C., for Governmental Monitoring and lobbying.

Mr. Kohara graduated from the faculty of law at Chuo University, Tokyo, with a Bachelor of Arts in Law, and obtained Master of Law (International Legal Studies – International Trade) from Washington College of Law, the American University, Washington, D.C.



Senior Partner

Emiko Zanma

Main career

Emiko Zamma has been a member of SNPA since 2022, and has managed such policy monitoring, planning and advocacy services as health care policies including vaccination policy and health examination policy.

Prior to SNPA, Ms. Zamma worked in public sector division in KPMG, Tokyo, and provided various research works for the national and local governments in Japan.

Prior to KPMG, Ms. Zamma worked in Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, and planed Sales Planning.

Ms. Zamma graduated from Department of Economics at Meiji University.



Special Advisor

塩崎 恭久(しおざき やすひさ)

Yasuhisa Shiozaki

Main career

Yasuhisa Shiozaki has been joined Shin-Nihon Public Affairs as Special Advisor since February 2023.

Mr. Shiozaki is a former Chief Cabinet Secretary, and Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare, and is well versed in an extremely wide range of policy areas.

When he served as Minister of Health, Labour, and Welfare, he led to launch the Action Plan for Whole Genome Analysis, etc. to promote genomic medicine for cancer and intractable diseases, and strongly promoted data health reform. He also worked on many other policy issues, including the issue of drug resistance (AMR).

After becoming a private citizen, he established the “Study Group for the Promotion of Genomic Medicine” in February 2022, which he continues to preside over and disseminate policy proposals for the realization of “patient-driven, patient-rewarded” genomic medicine.

Mr. Shiozaki provides a higher level of policy advocacy services, especially in the medical field to support the fostering of the genome industry as well as the raising of the overall healthcare industry toward the goal of becoming a “Health Advanced Nation”.

Mr. Shiozaki graduated from University of Tokyo, American Studies, Department of Liberal Arts, College of Arts and Sciences and obtained Master Degree from J.F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Master of Public Administration.



Special Advisor

Norio Mitsuya

Main career

Norio Mitsuya has been joined Shin-Nihon Public Affairs as Special Advisor since April 2023.
Mr. Mitsuya is a former state Minister for Foreign Affairs, and is well versed in an extremely wide range of policy areas.

While in the Diet, Mr. Mitsuya promoted national land and transportation policies, including aviation and airport policies, based on knowledge from his time as a bureaucrat at the Ministry of Transport, and as secretary-general of the party’s Research Commission on Comprehensive Energy Strategy, he led the revision of the Strategic Energy Plan, including renewable energy.

He is known for his role as acting secretary general in rebuilding the Kochikai (Kishida faction) after Fumio Kishida lost the 2020 presidential election of LDP, leading to victory and the birth of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida the following year.

Mr. Mitsuya’s vast experience in government and public administration will be of great value in raising the level of our policy advocacy services, especially at the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and in raising the level of the entire energy industry toward the realization of a ‘decarbonized society’.

Mr. Mitsuya graduated from University of Tokyo, Department of Liberal Arts, College of Arts and Sciences.



100-year Business Management Advisor

Yasuhiro Maeda

Main career

Former Commissioner, Small and Medium Enterprise Agency at METI
Advisor to over ten companies and the association of 100-year of Business Management

At the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), he was actively involved in system reforms such as administrative reforms, e-government, electricity deregulation, telecommunications and broadcasting policies. He was in charge of manufacturing, automobiles, elementary materials, services, and content industry. He also formulated strategies for cyber security and bioeconomy.

As Commissioner of the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency at METI, he implemented comprehensive and detailed measures across the board, including measures against COVID-19. He is a specialist in a wider range of economic and industrial policies with the experience of serving as an Executive Assistant to the Chief Cabinet Secretary.

To solve the social issues, he is working with Shin-Nihon Public Affairs as an advisor for small and medium-sized enterprises and venture businesses to practice various “100-year Business Management” strategies.