Regulatory Advisory Services

After years of deregulation, many industries are experiencing increased regulation and supervision to safety, privacy and other soundness issues, which can be highlighted by the General Data Protection Regulation by EU or the antitrust consideration by the Department of Justice, U.S., over the online platform mega-firms.

Generally, global firms wishing to do business in Japan are subject to the same rules and requirements as domestic organizations under the Japan’s policy of “national treatment.” Non-Japanese organizations must adhere to the same restrictions and regulatory oversight as Japanese organizations.


We provide comprehensive regulatory advisory services, including:

  1. Preparing regulatory applications to the authorities to gain permission to form and expand business.
  2. Analyzing companies’ activities to determine whether regulatory requirements have been met.
  3. Assisting companies wishing to increase or change the agencies’ understanding of economic significance of various policy decisions.
  4. Providing information to organizations concerning Japan’ regulations and requirements for doing business in Japan.